Course Topics:

Hybrid Cutting

Lobs/Shags/Shaggy Lobs

ALL New Course Topic- all @ashleenormanhair transformations start with the cut! Finally there will be a class teaching a blend of client friendly methods (not just one academy style) to create suitable on trend haircuts! The class will include discussions on tools (razor vs scissor), texturizing/weight removal, how to marry cut and color placement, as well as full styling tutorials. Two live model demonstrations and guided hands-on will prepare you for the next seasons commerical looks.

Supplies List:

Dry Cutting Scissors, Plier Feather Razor, hair-cutting comb, sectioning clips, Doll head & tripod stand, blow dryer, boar hair flat brush, 1 & 1/4 inch curling iron

Color Correction

Reverse Foilayage

Advanced reverse foilayage (balayage inside foil) class to color correct bleach and tones and/or outdated ‘partial highlight’ blondes to a natural rooted painted look. Accomplished using babylights, shadow tinting between foil, with finishes including base breaking, shadow toning, and foil low-lighting. This class also expands on color theory, including porosity/texture & filling/canceling & gray coverage, to equip stylists with everything they need to problem solve common difficult scenarios.  (Blonde dollheads are encouraged for use during hands-on)

Triple Threat Foilayage

Express Foilayage

Advanced haircolor class designed to teach the art of blending classic hair painting with foil work. This class demonstrates how to create pops of extra brightness inside traditional soft lift balayage, with a combination of Open Air Balayage, “Baby Lights” (fine foil highlighting), Foilayage (balayage "V" or "W" placements inside a foil). The result of blending open air balayage with sections previously processed inside of a foil creates multi-dimensional lift in one process.  Base breaking and shadow toning are incorporated to create perfect transitions and graduation of color.

Lock Stitch Foilayage

Dimensional Foilayage

Advanced Foilayage class evolved from Diamond Paint designed to maximize time management while allowing ribbons of dimension. Adding zigzag Teasy-lights and low-lights along with thick weaves and ombre tipping in a simplified placement for faster application time and high contrast. Base breaking and shadow toning are combine into one step for a more dramatic color melt.

Diamond Paint Foilayage

Max Blonding

Advanced haircolor class designed to teach the art of Foilayage (Balayage inside foil) in a Diamond pattern for maximum lift in one session while leaving an organic halo of depth or root shadow. All foil techniques of baby lights, ombre, and foilayage are applied in each sub-section to mimic open air place (dry brushing at roots and increased lightness toward the mid-lengths and ends) but with an extra level of lift. Base breaking and shadow toning are also incorporated to create perfect transitions and graduation of color.

Additional Information:

All workshops include a Theory Presentation, Live Model Demonstrations, and Guided Hands-on. Doll heads are used for hands-on.

Typical Schedule:

9:30am - 11:30am Theory          
11:30 am    Snack Break
11:45-2pm        Live Model Demonstration
2-3pm             Break for lunch (off site)
3pm - 4pm Finish Live Model Demo

4-6pm     Doll head hands-on

Supplies List:

Doll head, doll head tripod stand, tint brush, weaving comb, clips, a couple color bowls, pre-cut foils, blow dryer, brush, and notebook, pen/pencil


Wella & Oligo color product, Headsheets

Average Class Size: 20 including hands-on 30 total for demo

Cancellation Policy:

Class tickets are non-refundable. However, students can transfer into another course within 12 months of the original purchase date upon request/approval, price changes may apply depending on venue, ect. If a student for some reason cannot make it to the class but can find another stylist to go in their place prior to the class date, they will receive a full refund upon completion of the class by the replacement stylist. If I cancel a class for any reason, tickets will be refunded.  If a class is cancelled stylists are responsible for any additional costs they have incurred ( i.e. travel expenses, etc...) to attend the class.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use a clamp stand for my mannequin head?

Most host salons do not have adequate table surfaces to clamp onto, so I do not recommend using them.

What doll head and/or balayage tools do you recommend? Razor tools?

* For Color Correction Reverse Foilayage Class: Pivot Point Blonde Mannequin Head (Diane Solid) 

*For All other Foilayage Classes focused on Blonding: Sally’s Beauty Miss Sophia Manikin Head

Sally’s Beauty Deluxe Metal Tripod Mannequin Stand

Boar Hair Flat Brush

Feather Plier Folding Razor