Triple Threat Foilayage- Monday, May 6th, Chicago, IL

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Triple Threat Foilayage- Monday, May 6th, Chicago, IL


Advanced haircolor class using the signature #TripleThreatFoilayage placement all inside foil for maximum lift in a one hour foil application technique. This class demonstrates how to create extra brightness with Foilayage techniques such as Zigzag teasie-lights, “Baby Lights”, and Teasie-Points (balayage "V" or "W" placements inside a foil). The result minimics the placement of open air balayage but with more lift in the same application time as painting. Base breaking and shadow toning are incorporated to create perfect transitions and graduation of color.


Axelle and Ivy Salon

1008 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607




Doll head, doll head tripod stand, tint brush, weaving comb,10-15 clips, a couple color bowls, pre-cut foils (regular and extra long), blow dryer, brush, and notebook, pen/pencil

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